Therapy Expertise

Therapy Expertise

Marriage & Family Therapy

General marriage challenges often have a way of turning into family issues rather quickly.  Find resolution for your spouse and children to avoid feeling like family members are obligated to choose sides. 

Mental Health Counseling

Jillian aims to help those suffering from mental health symptoms such as depression, anxiety, loss, stress or PTSD by working individually to develop a treatment and healing program that works for the individual.

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling doesn't have to mean you're on the brink of a separation. Take time away for yourselves to discuss different levels of  emotion. Jillian will show you how to truly listen to each other. 

Individual Adult Counseling

Whether you're an life long advocate of counseling or new to this form of therapy, speaking with an objective third party can bring clarity to your life in many ways. Call Jillian today and begin your journey towards peace of mind. 

Female Coping Techniques

Work side by side with Jillian as she provides coping techniques specifically targeted to help women overcome life struggles such as mental anguish of unwanted body evaluation and self image.

Parenting Skills

Parents find relief in working with Jillian to properly address and handle everyday challenges that arise with children. Knowing when to set correct parent-child expectations, preparing to say no and learning how to set boundaries will make life easier for the whole family.

Grief Counseling

Individuals experience and express grief in several different ways. Jillian helps those mourning the death of a loved one or perhaps someone dealing with a major life change such as divorce find their own healthy way of coping with life's many challenges.