Individual Therapy & Counseling in Portsmouth, NH

Everyone Needs One Person to Confide In

Let Jillian B. Beverstock be that person

Sometimes, speaking with a professional about past experiences or current feelings is easier than going to your family. You have close friends in Portsmouth who you enjoy sharing details of your life with, but, sometimes, no one truly understands you. Family and friends can’t always provide guidance for you because they’re too close to the situation.

Opening up in individual therapy allows for a nonjudgmental experience. There’s nothing wrong with seeking professional help, especially when you need assistance getting through your struggle. Regardless of the situation that brought you down, call Jillian right away at (603) 770-1608 to get back on your own two feet.

Open up in a safe environment

One-on-one sessions with Jillian aren't all about pouring your feelings out and her telling you what to do. Instead, she works with you to find the best way to move forward during this time in your life. Our goal is to build a collaborative relationship with you, so coming to therapy isn't a chore. When you make an appointment with Jillian B. Beverstock in Portsmouth, she creates a comfortable atmosphere that is:

•Safe: Nothing you say will be used against you
•Caring: Jillian makes you her priority
•Confidential: What you share is between Jillian and you
•Relaxed: You aren't being tested

Jillian wants you to feel comfortable having discussions with her in a safe and confidential environment. Get in touch with Jillian B. Beverstock today to conquer your struggle and live a healthy lifestyle.