Find Your Way to Grieve Over Loss

Jillian B. Beverstock in Portsmouth, NH, can help you understand what you're feeling

When someone close to you passes away, your typical day turns upside down. You probably have trouble focusing at work or school. You want to put your life on hold to mourn. However, what would your loved one want you to do?

Getting back into your daily routine and activities can actually help the grieving process. Your loved one probably wants you at peace instead of feeling:


These are common reactions to death, and initial reactions can vary from person to person. Sometimes you feel more than one emotion, so let Jillian help you understand each one in Portsmouth. Schedule an appointment today with Jillian B. Beverstock by calling (603) 770-1608 to figure out the best way for you to mourn.

Move past grief with Jillian's guidance

Are you in search of a qualified, caring therapist to help you through a loss? Jillian B. Beverstock can help you recover in individual therapy from losing a loved one. After sharing many memories with a person, it's never easy saying goodbye.

With Jillian's help, you'll successfully go through the grieving process. Mourning is important, but so is celebrating your loved one's life. No matter how tragic or sudden the loss is, it's possible to find peace with what happened.

Call Jillian B. Beverstock now at (603) 770-1608 for expert advice on grieving a loss in Portsmouth. Jillian looks forward to meeting you!