Understanding Emotionally Focused Therapy

Take the first step in rebuilding a secure, lasting bond with your loved one

What is Emotionally Focused Therapy (E.F.T.)?

What is Emotionally Focused Therapy (E.F.T.)?

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• Emotionally Focused Therapy or, more commonly referred to as E.F.T. is based on a clear understanding of marital distress and adult love.

• E.F.T. should always be collaborative, yet, respectful. Alliance is key because it creates a safety that is healing in itself, is egalitarian, and non-pathologizing.

• Often times, change strategies and interventions are specific and address recurring patterns of negative interaction as well as the underlying emotions that drive these patterns.

What are the Goals of Emotionally Focused Therapy?

• To move from relational distress to a more secure bond between partners.

• To expand and re-organize key emotional responses-the music of the attachment dance.

• To facilitate a shift in partners' interactional positions so that they can move toward increased accessibility, responsiveness, and safe engagement with each other.

How Jillian's program will help...

Jillian works side by side with you and your partner every step of the way. Her goal is to help you hone in and understand the needs and wants within the relationship. She'll also help to identify how you should be responding to those needs and wants appropriately with compassion.

Jillian will help you learn and understand what happened in the moments when you hurt each other and teach you how to keep your emotional balance in those challenging but frequent occurrences.

Most importantly, Jillian will focus on showing you how to become close once again and express your softer feelings as well as your needs in a way that helps your partner respond to you in a positive manner.

You don't have to suffer through this alone. If you're in the Portsmouth area and would like to learn more, call Jillian Beverstock today!