You Have to Take the First Step

Schedule an appointment with Jillian B. Beverstock in Portsmouth, NH, to beat depression

Do you have regular mood swings? Do you push family away? Do you feel like crying all the time? Do you feel angry more often? If so, you should know you don't have to take on depression and anxiety alone in Portsmouth. To get it under control, work with Jillian. Typically, depression triggers to be aware of are changes in:

•Sleep schedules
•Eating habits

In a more severe case, suicide might cross your mind. Talking with Jillian will help you see all of your options for moving forward. Whether one or several triggers relate to you, call Jillian B. Beverstock immediately at (603) 770-1608 for an understanding and patient companion.

Tackle depression and anxiety with professional guidance

You should never feel like no one is around to help you through depression and anxiety in Portsmouth. Jillian's door is always open. She transitioned into therapy because she genuinely cares about the overall well-being of her clients.

You might feel depressed, but you don't know where or when it started. Jillian will help you discover the root of your problem. She will be by your side working with you to rediscover the happiness in your life.

Contact Jillian today at (603) 770-1608 to start your journey to happiness.

Suicidal Thoughts?

Remember suicidal thoughts have nothing to do with one's inner strength or character. It is a genetic component which means it can run in families.

Suicide is not chosen; it happens when pain exceeds resources for coping with the pain.

Please reach out to someone if your feeling suicidal. If you are feeling suicidal, even if you feel it will never change, it is a permanent solution to a temporary condition.